I would be fine with more ads in this game if…

We could get some type of boost reset. I know Ludia doesn’t want to reset boosts because their business model relies so much on selling boosts. But I would be okay with watching a few ads if I could utilize my boosts and change up my arena squad.


that’s not really fair. because you won’t have to work for anything. then the game won’t be fun anymore

We’ll I’ve worked really hard to get my level 30 dinos. Getting to use all of them when I want, I consider that fun.

I would immediately delete JWA as soon as I will see the first add…

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Yeah, this is one of the reasons I like this game, I don’t have ads constantly shoved in my face, having them be a thing would be so annoying

Not crazy about ads either, but would likely live with them for a while. Still wondering if cosmetic items would work on this game. But better yet, no boost reset, but a simple free token once a month that allow you to reset the boosts on one single dino. The meta would not change drastically overnight (not like after a full boost reset where everybody end up using the same tyrants the next day). Ludia’s income would not suffer too much. And I think everybody would be happy. (Worst case, some sort of challenge every month for the token)

People would absolutely pay money for different dinosaur skins. Changing their thor from green to red, or whatever? People have been wanting that forever. They would one hundred per cent pay real money for that.


We’re getting a little off topic, but i’m going to roll with it. I have no bloody idea why Ludia hasn’t added customizations to creatures. Different skins would be so incredibly easy and people would gobble them up. I mean, how boring is it to see that same creature over and over and over and … over again, looking the same way. Why not include the ability to change up their appearance a little, with the option of grinding for skins or whatever, or paying $$$$$.

One ad for the resetting of a singular boost (as in 100 small tokens, not just one token) (I have no idea how to describe singular pieces of boosters):persevere: