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I would like a second chance @moderators

A while ago, about when update 1.13 was released I was banned from the forums because of a glitch in Jurassic World Alive, I assume I was banned because the forum moderators thought I was hacking, but I promise I wasn’t! Here is evidence, the first part of the video shows my apps to prove I have no apps that allow hacking, the second part is showing the glitch and that it happens to not unlocked creatures! My phone is very old and if you want this glitch to stop I recommend you stop support for old devices.

Edit:(I attempted to blur out the support key, but the account is a noob account and not my real account so I don’t really care what happens to it). Thanks! Hopefully this can stay

I hope this was enough evidence to be unbanned, and even if you aren’t bothered to unban me atleast let me keep this account, please I really love being involved in the community and helping out!

I thought my iPhone 6 loaded this game slow… wow that took forever!

Wow,so you flag this,he showed proof. Despite that,Shows what Ludia wants their Mods to do.

I know ludia will flag this as well.

you were banned. I feel bad for you but that is very cool. I mean this should be for everyone. You could see how all the dinosaurus look like. I mean the pictures in the front don’t even look that much alike to the actual thing like gemintitan. Gemintitan looks so cool on the front square thing but you click into it and it looks like a huge sauropod with a weird head.

Banned because of the game’s own bug? Jeez and I thought my situation was bad

We removed it because account information was shown, we didn’t want people trying to steal his account.


that is one cool bug tho. I wish that would happen to my account.

It’s ok, I was using a guest account to show that it happens to any of my accounts on that phone, I don’t mind about that guest account as it is not my actual account, but I understand why u took it down, but I am aloud to stay on the forums right? Also the glitch only seems to happen on my old phone so there is no point for people to try and steal that new account lol