I would like suggestions, Help with team


Hey all, I’m in the lowest part of Sorna Marshes.
I’d like suggestions of team change.
Not doing bad, but could use a change.



Replace Allosaurus with Tyrannosaurus Rex


Agreed! I was in the higher part of sorn a marshes over 3.7k, gone down almost 600 cups today haha


Honestly, you have a few options such as getting your gorgo in there but your team is probably fine for Where You Are. My advice to you would be not to worry so much about maneuvering who I currently have but working on some of the better dinosaurs you’re not going to get much further without at least a stegodeus… You wont sniff the next arena without at least 3 legendary dinos


Tbh mate, It’s just a case of getting your team to a higher level, time to grind :slight_smile:
Also u got a lot of useless dino over lvl 15 that are no good so save your coins .


You’ve got a Swap In Stun Triceratops gen 2 waiting for the right moment. If you use it right, it can be to your advantage. In general I would recommend having at least one “swapper” on your team.


But do not EVER in your life switch stegodeus with irritator gen 2