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I would like to join a more active alliance

My name is drahthaar99 and current ranking is 3728. I play every day. I would like my wife to join as well. She is cindy2688 and her ranking is 1892. We do alot of trading together. I am very generous with dna unless i am working on something. Thanks

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Hi @Bryan_Knowles, do you and your wife use or are wiling to use Discord?

You can come check us out - Michigan Monsters. While the name is American, we’re mostly Europeans (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands) and a few Americans. I’m in the U.K, with a few players.

We are all ages and we play as a team. We’re very supportive and at the end of the day we have fun. We also consistently get 5/4 in the missions.

If you have discord or are willing to join, we’d love to have you and your wife. You’re welcome to join the server and take a look around and then decide. We’re in the middle of an alliance tournament that we’re playing among ourselves and a few others so it will give you an idea of the fun group we have.

Let me know what you think and if yes, I’ll send you the link. Either way, best of luck to you.


AlphaOmegaSquad is a small but active alliance that has plenty of room for acceptance

Hey there Brian. Good to see folks reaching out and looking for a good home. My leader asked me to make contact with you and see if you would be willing to join our discord and chat a bit about having tou apart of our team. We are a an extremely active group and would be more then happy to chat with you on seeing if we can accommodate your needs. Feel free to message me and I can send you over an invite to our discord.

Sent you a message

Hi steph. I just signed up on discord. I would like to join your alliance

oh how lovely. I’ll PM you now.

Hi Steph,
I’m also looking for a new alliance and I’m hoping I can join yours. I play every day and I’m around 2400 now. Have no problem using discord!
Let me know if you have a spot open :smiley:

Hi Lise,

Sending you a DM right now.

Very good decision you two. Michigan Monsters is an amazing alliance. I am absolute sure you will like it there :wink:


Aw, gee thanks @BlackBeard2412. We’re glad you’re a friend on the server :grin:

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I just start3d an alliance. Devastating dinos. Check us out. Theres 8 of us, all active from a former alliance that fell appart. Look us up, im the leader feel free to send me a request.

Hi there! We have got a really friendly alliance, we help everyone out where we can, we work together in doing the missions and we are an international alliance. We aren’t the biggest group yet but we are slowly growing and have a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the game but still working together in challenges. Come and join us at House Stark, will be great to meet you!

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Love the name. We’re discussing GoT in our alliance while we wait for the new update.

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This maintence brings us closer together. Nothing else to do then chat.

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I’m not sure the rest of our group is GoT fans, but me and partner are :joy:

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You can join our discord discussion as friends of our alliance if you want. Just look for me Steph#2626


Big big GoT fan…shame that it’s the last season

Goofnight everyone till tomorrow

I’ve been hunting around for an alliance that uses discord! If you’ve got space would love to join, I’m very active everyday. Let me know!

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