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I would like to make a fan request

  1. implement online group battle, 4 × 4 (if this is not in the game) as it would be very cool and interesting to have this new group mechanic, in addition to improving teamwork and making strategies

  2. Do not remove the “long invincibility” ability from I think that in addition to being unnecessary, it is very annoying, because there is no reason for that.
    Like if Ludia saw this she would say “hm…this skill is very useful and many players like it, let’s remove it and put a worse one :D” Seriously I, as a fan, ask not to remove this ability, please.

  3. Inexpensive “levelup” prices, bro … 15,000 coins to level up a single creature, not to mention that I have 28 beings to level up so much DNA that I earn in incubators,And also to increase the amount of money in the supplement boxes.

  4. Improve and implement more things in augmented reality mode, I know that for some they don’t use it, but I think this feature is very interesting and very cool, I wish there was more,Like the animations of the attacks, Dinosaurs knocked out with blood or the animation of him taking a hit, filming this in augmented reality would be quite interesting.

I would love AR to get some additions. Being able to put a photo in the background over the real image would be nice. Especially when we get aquatic creatures - not sure my phone will work underwater…

Also, in addition to enlarging/shrinking I’d like an option to spin the dinosaurs to face the direction I want then in.


i have 99 creatures to level up. had 99+ other day.

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And you can rotate, you hold one finger on Dinosaurs and use the other finger to rotate

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I think that in aquatic creatures you could increase and decrease their transparency

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My word! After all this time I never knew that. Thank you!