I would like to thank ludia

I’d like to dedicate this thread to thanking ludia for a few reasons, first being them noticing the issues around the health crisis we have going on right now and them making it possible to get creatures from home which was very nice and thoughtful, i also would like to thank them for breaking the trend of putting everything with an interesting hybrid in sanctuaries only, they broke that trend today in this update by making meio, archaeo and the new deer all global so people from all areas can have a steady income of their DNA, and lastly the obvious QOL changes to fix major bugs, upgrade the graphics ans changes to tournaments to make a better playing experience for everybody, this update has showed me that ludia does still care and they do still listen, so i hope to see more of this going into the future.


Im really happy about this uptade and I hope Ludia will keep going on same direction.


Just because this update has a literally a few good features doesnt change thats one of the worst ones

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How’s it a bad update? Sure the creatures are a bit underwhelming but they finally listened to the right people


A bit early to call it good or bad… let’s wait to see the quick bugfixes and how tourneys and alliance championships work…

But I’m quite happy right now, at least the global new dinos are adding some excitement.


Yeah listened, nerfed all bad and balanced creatures leaving the overpowered as broken as they were, no new dinos, no super hybrids for the oldest hynrids that literally EVERYONE asked, but yeah no more exclusives, at least something

Love everything Ludia has done in light of the health crisis, and the new alliance features are awesome.

New creatures are pretty cool, for cenos… but the “balancing” in this update was complete and utter trash except for the maxima/indor g2 nerfs. All other nerfs were completely unnecessary, undeserved, and uncalled for, and a select few who will not be named did not receive well-needed nerfs.

But I mean, nobody can do everything right… so thank you Ludia for trying.


No reason to nerf (hard) creatures that hardly anyone use when they actually need buffs…

I started playing the new update around 12:30 pm and just left the game 7:50 pm (I had short breaks). This was one of the updates that kept me in the game the longest (another was 1.9, my favorite update). I opened the Giga Scent and managed to unlock Lania (Level 7) and Archa (Level 11). Thanks also Ludia!

The only thing I didn’t like about this update was the fact that Thyla received NERF and Prorat received nothing…

This update sucks. What’s good about it?

-No new dinos
-Cenozoic creatures (luckily one wild) oh yay another deer, another turtle, another pig.
-Cenozoic hybrids with the mammoth who died at new year and the rhino who is borderline dead and the new creatures.
-new hybrids look beyond ridiculous.
-forcing players to play tournaments (luckily free). But if you want to look like you’re helping your alliance you have to play tournaments like nothing else matters in the game.
-oh cool so now someone else can reject the people requesting to join my full alliance, great.
-lots of creature nerfs.
-more bugs added so far than fixed.
-who donated to you pops up again banner style. Why?
-did I mention no new dinosaurs? Oh yeah I did but hey no new dinosaurs. My iOS App Store says these new creatures I’ve never heard of were like highly anticipated. I’m what?

Positives to thank ludia, unrelated to the 1.13 update.

-cheap abundance of darts. Not that I ever struggled but it’s nice to be able to use my duplicate scents.