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I would like your opinion!

Do you consider this a fair fight?
These opponents are weaker than what I usually face.
Needless to say, I won the battle.
Sometimes I have to face opponents with over 5k health! These battles require some luck!

Would love to hear some thoughts about this!

It all depends where you are in the tournament, this looks to be a dominator battle so I would have gone for a stronger team.


This was in predator around 50%

I finished in dom 87 with this team last tournament!

Yep it looks fair, as that’s the kind of comp I usually face as early as in Predator.

If you can beat it, good. If not, bring at least 1 stronger dino to these fights.

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Your team is stronger than what i take to dominator . The opponent you face is what i face in top half of pred and dominator. Your team must be giving you about 30 trophies in pred and 35 in dominator.

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Yeah this is correct.
Was just wondering how odd it is that the chance is so low to encounter a team of your own ferocity

My wife got into dominator spot 88 with mostly
Lvl 10 wuerrho
Lvl 10 concaventor
Lvl 10 metopo

The chances aren’t low , the ferocity of opponents is dependent on the league and your position in it. Except for a few weird matchups , you know what afs of creatures the AI will bring.
Almost equal afs brings only about 25 trophies. Going with weaker team gets more trophies until 40. Going with too weak team makes AI go haywire and bring an impossible matchup.
So if you want to face creatures of your own ferocity i suggest you find the thread with tournament league information and take teams accordingly.
What team you choose isn’t a factor in tournament matchup unless you go too low.

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Thanks for the tips!

My team was on cooldown after yesterday’s tournament ended, also needed to do clash of the titan.
Did some battles with my refreshed dinosaurs and got to dominator.
Will continue after the cooldownn is over.