I Would Watch More Adds For

I’ve been enjoying the watch an add for an extra incubator feature and I saw the one for darts as well. It got me thinking about what I would gladly watch adds for. It’s Food/Toys/& Interactions.

I understand they are supposed to be limited, and they still would be, just not as limited, and would eagerly watch a few adds for a few more of these.

Just something to think about.

What do you guys think? Is there anything else you would watch adds for?


I could see a lot of people saying boosts, which I definitely would, who wouldn’t? But I really don’t think that would happen, and it may be a bad idea in general.

There are certain Scent capsules I’d watch adds for too.

Boost reset tokens! Wink wink

waiting for the day mobile ads system will be using camera to guarantee you are looking to the screen with eyes open, to forward “watched time” properly.

Lol. I like the system as is, anything more and I’m out.

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I’d pretty much watch ads for anything free :rofl: