I wouldn't be mad in the least

If they just deleted stegodeus from the game. Coming from someone with a L27 who could evolve to L28 if I had the coin. I think the game would be better without it.

EDIT: Putting my money where my mouth is - I’ve benched mine.


Dont worry, once the rest of peoples team catches up level wise, it’ll be balanced again, just overleveled atm

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If Superiority gets the nerf, I might switch mine out for Monomimus. It’ll be an easy swap for me, cause half my team are tanks, and Stegodeus is my least favorite among them.

i think it was just a mistake on ludia’s part to make all of it’s ingredients (2 being commons) anytime global spawns. this is apparent by them making apatosaurus dawn/dusk only now. so the legendaries/uniques needed to counter it are much harder to get and therefore just lag behind level wise. but when more people start having level 27+ indoraptor/trkosaurus/tryostronix/spinotasuchus, etc. it will hopefully get better :+1:

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Stegod is not OP. It’s the overleveled stegod that is OP. At same levels stegod has many counters and is just a normal legendary.

If you want your lv20 tryostronix to take down lv 26 stegod, than stegod is broken. Stop complaining and go out hunting!


Its not op, it’s just everyone uses it and chooses to spend their precious coins on it when they could pick any other dino. But they dont. Because Stegod is better.

People complain about anything that other people worked harder to level. Level 30 Tany is OP for a common. No it’s really not, it’s level just makes it annoying. Stegodeus will lose its “OP” once it’s counters catch up in level.

The reason people level Stegodeus so high is because it’s a Jack-Of-All-Trades, and when they start realizing other people are doing the same, they want it nerfed or removed.

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THIS!! Agreed. Imagine a lvl 30 tryo vs a lvl 30 stegod. No chance stegod lives

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That’s the same reason I like starting the match with mine. If I lose it, it doesn’t take away a specialty from my team. I keep my nullifier or tank buster or whatever for later in the match.

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its not op it just has a move that it shouldnt have. ss wipes out alot of dinos chances. why allow it to make a move after ss? why not just allow it to clear the effect then lose a turn.