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IBRIS Raptor Pack - 5/4 alliance with level 20 sanc - now recruiting!

Hello everyone!

IBRIS Raptor Pack (formerly known as TOP 500) now have 5 open slots!


  • Daily active players, currently 10 of us are top 500
  • international alliance from all over the world with English language
  • 5/4 every week without trouble
  • level 20 sanctuary in cooperation with another great alliance
  • Discord (mandatory) and Facebook for communication
  • Generous donations
  • Communicate and work together as a team, friendly and helpfull
  • Have fun and love the game!


  • Daily active
  • Carry your weight on alliance goals and fip’ing sanctuary
  • Donate good - like we do
  • Team player
  • Preferably level 20 and minimum 4700 battle points
  • Will join Discord

Interested? Don’t hesitate!

IBRIS Raptor Pack

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Just got another level 20 sanctuary😁 Come on over to us to enjoy it😁

Are you still looking

I need a new alliance , an active one like yours
I am Active player with 5244 trophies this season. Level 20
This is my profile.

Yes, we are still looking, and are interested😁

Cool I’ll send a request, my game name is the same Cronista .

Fine! I am not team leader, so I will have to get in touch with him. Hoping he will accept! See you soon, I hope!

Still 4 slots😁

Great work on those level 20 sancs!! :wink:

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Thanks, @Steph!

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