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IBRIS Raptor Pack is recruiting! 5/4 & level 16+ sanctuary

Hello everyone !! May I now introduce Our alliance
IBRIS Raptor Pack ! New named alliance! However our alliance was started day 1 of alliances and contains amazing player base that works as a team like a pack of intelligent and Fierce Raptors !

-The IBRIS (I.B.R.I.S) Raptor Pack Alliance is 5/4 weekly and soon going at 5/5 as we have now acquired sanctuary’s to level 16+ Working as a solid team on discord organizing, planning and sharing. We also have an optional Facebook alliance group to join. Discord however to be apart of the Pack is required by all new coming to alliance . Majority are on discord and vital information is shared there.

-On average we contain 13 Top 500 members with achievements range from 4700 - 6000+

Requirements for joining!
-Level 20 but may consider lower levels if super active darting, battling

-4700+ Achievements in arena

-Discord for communication

-Daily minimum player finishing missions and more

-Donations are monitored to be sure everyone is being fair in donations and not leeching DNA
(Requesting only) we ask that you share received donations via screen shot when possible.

-Must be a team player and willing to learn sanctuary’s and learn or know strategy’s .


As a leader I’m active the most as I’m online average of 6-8 hours a day minus Sunday’s .
I’m super chatty and always available !

If your interested please DM me or message here for a quick reply!

Dinolord :metal::grin:

1 OPEN spot ! Looking for an amazing player to join us ! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: