IBRIS Raptor Squad looking for active fun players! :)

IBRIS Raptor Squad is searching for daily active players to join our fun & friendly alliance.

This is what we are looking for:

You Can join our FB messenger, we use it for chatting & raids coordination.
(We also have discord).

You are willing to contribute with the weekly missions.

You can do the weekly 10 tournament kills.

We are very helpfull with raids & requests.
We work with other alliances to provide lvl 20 sanctuaries.
We want to achieve the weekly missions goal of 9/8.

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I am looking for good alliance to grow. I am very active (again) and was one of the top players 2 years ago before leaving the game for good.

Now starting on a new account and trying to catch as many dinos I can.

Really forgot everything about the game and would like to join fun and active alliance who can help get good in this game.

Hi :),
Thats great!

What is your ingame name & level?
If you search our alliance on FB, We can talk easier.

in-game name is still trainerxxxxxxx and level 6, since yesterday I gained 2 levels.

Do you use discord?

how to find on FB? can you share the link please?

The alliance normally requires a minimum of lvl 16 to join, because we had some troubleshooting in the pass with low lvl players. so i have to throw this in the group…

However, if you claim to be an active player again and trying to work on leveling & can be helpfull for weekly missions, i can bring that as an positive note. :slight_smile:
I get back to you on that part.

Our alliance has discord, but we use messenger for chatting, so you have to be able to join that to.

You can find our alliance on fb: Ibris Raptor Squad.
(if you cant find it i will try to add the link).

Thanks, waiting to hear from your side soon positively.
By the way you can check my posts here (last one as Good-bye from May 2020 where I showed the images of my account). I was really in top 100 (or even top 50 if I recall correctly) players in the game that time.
Now I really coming back to game and ready to spend hours hunting.

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I can find you guys. But will wait for green signal before requesting to join. Thanks

We would love to give you a chance. :slight_smile:

If you send an request to join our fb & ingame, i make sure to ad you on messenger & in the game.

Thanks a lot. I just sent FB group request. Just sent in game too.

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We are still looking for more people to join, contact me if your interested:)