Ichthyornis in JWTG Part 1 (+ new hybrid)

So I want this prehistoric “bird” into JWTG because of the Land Before Time’s Ichy and Dill which Ichy is an Ichthyornis and Dill is a Deinosuchus so it makes no sense into why Ludia haven’t added in Ichthyornis into JWTG yet because of another Universal property having one and so here’s my idea. Also this is a part 1 to this talking about the stats and stuff. Ok let’s begin. Ichthyornis will be part of new category of creatures because putting it in with Jurassic creatures was too wonky and so is Cenozoic, it’s called the Aerial creatures. Aerial has 3 Classes Shores, Mountains, and Treetops. Ichthyornis is a Shore Creature. Stats Health: 2397 Ferocity: 1580. It’s a Rare creature. But also there’s a new hybrid between it and Deinosuchus called Ichthyosuchus it is an Amphibian and is also bipedal I’ll tell more when I made one about it.

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No thanks, we don’t need a 4th park.

If added it could be put into Cenozoics after a new animation is added. This way other non-pterasaur creatures have a place within the game. This will pave the way for Argentavis being added. The only Issue would be the size, so for that reason alone I don’t think it’ll be added.


You need a desk in the Ludia’s office. @OstaposaurusBae

That’s all I’m saying.

Chris, Andy, you and Fury. That’s all what we need. :thought_balloon:

After that I’d be paying double the price of that monthly subscription, eyes closed.


I think man that is a very good idea. Something like three small circular birdhouses connected. If the argentavis could be there, it would be a mountain.

It could even be a small animal park. Like the coelurosauravus.

Hey friend, don’t be rude, he gave his opinion, but it’s just that, his opinion, in my opinion I like it, in your opinion you don’t like it but be more respectful because this forum is that, opinions

What is the rude part in that, may I ask please?

I think you might be new to the forums but she’s been around here for a lot longer than you. So she really doesn’t need to have a small lecture about what is rude and what is not. Plus, we have a really sharp running moderation here, you don’t need to interfere like that. By doing so, you become the “rude” component here and not her, sadly.

All she’s trying to say, if you take your time a bit and read her other related comments on the forums, the game is already heavier than it can handle and we have been dealing some well known bugs literally for ages. Onto that, sometimes before, we had to witness such errors that causing the game shut down for days, even a week. So that type of a “huge” implementation might cause some similar damage. That’s the point here. Plus, we have much more important gaps in the game, some huge lackings that we’ve been waiting for another ages in the name of balance, such as a reef tourney hybrid or the “myhtical” endgame amphibian hybrid. See?

Creating topics are so natural to do since we are the members of a forum, but if you do really high in numbers without having much positive feedbacks or even responses, then it becomes nothing but clogging up the main screen, causing people to access essential info, sadly.

Can you now see the main problem here, my friend?



Yes bro I understand and agree with your point. What I want to imply is that you do not have the right to undermine your idea. And besides, just because we think an idea is good doesn’t mean it’s going to be done. If, for example, you don’t like the idea, then you remain silent and there is no reason to underestimate your idea. And look, I don’t want to fight you, I don’t want to make enemies, I’m just saying that we avoid that point of undermining ideas

Fight me? Enemies? :slight_smile: You might be late to the party but we’re all friends here no matter what. It’s a bit funny to read such words.

You can’t undermine an already undermined idea. It collapse by its own. Just look at the main screen. What do you see? Useful threads are dropping down the list and causing people to ask for an info that’s already been there. And just throw me out of the window, members far longer than me remain silent. The ones, you may not know by the name but had dealt great contributions to the forums or the game itself.

So remaining silent is a thing that we’ve already been doing. You don’t need to mention or demand that either.


ok and sorry about before

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Nothing I said was rude. I simply stated a logical side of why it wouldn’t work. I even stated a hypothetical way it could be implemented into the game. I applaud the effort, I just disagree with the theorized implementation.

It’s called criticism of the idea. That’s how productivity and progress comes to fruition.


Like @OstaposaurusBae said we don’t need a 4th park. And what does tlbt have to do with this?
I think it would be cool to add Icthyornis but as a ceno. Then we could also get other birds like Hasst’s eagle, Argentavis and more.


Yeah that’s a cool idea

Disagreeing with a forum members ideas is not inherently rude. Discussion is the very lifeblood of a well functioning forum. And half of discussion is disagreeing. Forum members should be encouraged to (polietly) voice their opinions on topics of interest, both in agreement and in disagreement, as well as providing constructive criticism and refinement of those topics.

For what it’s worth, in addition to the size issue, a 4th park would drain the trickle of developmental resources put into Aquatics and Cenozoics. And with this game already several years old, Ludia has most likely already reduced those developmental resources for the overall game.


And this is the very perspective of one of those names with huge contributions which I pointed out in my earlier post.

Knowing the forum and the game itself is really vital when it comes to creating some valid thoughts. :dizzy:


I fail to see why only voices that support a notion are to be considered and the ones that don’t are to be silenced. @OstaposaurusBae gave a reasonable and logical approach about the suggested notion, considering she’s a veteran of the game and the forum there’s definitely implied emphasis and experience beneath the words of the post. It’s great to have ideas indeed, but that doesn’t mean they should not be critisized, granted said critisism is constructive of course.


Here’s what it looks like both base form and Final evolution

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Please add this and the Aerial park to the game.

I don’t want to cause a heap of trouble, just put me in as a Cenozoic, I think I’m flightless anyway.


I was waiting you to finally join the conversation, as its main focus. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: