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I'd like some advice from the top level players.. 🤔

Luving the raids but haven’t conquered Mortem yet. I’m probably not high enough for a creature to do it and to my higher level friends I feel I’m not strong enough for there team when they send requests. Everyone has pretty much the same guns for there team, high level and super boosted which is needed. I have 17 of each F/I/P’s to throw on a Creature just for the Mortem raids, can I get a few suggestions on who I should pick? (I didn’t want to waste them on a creature that everyone else uses, I was thinking Skoola might be good, I never see it used in raids, (That Tip the Scales reminds me of a quote from the late, great King Leonidis from 300… GIVE THEM NOTHING… BUT TAKE FROM THEM… EVERYTHING!! :joy:)Thought I should ask the Professionals first.

Yes you are. :wink:
Are you on the ARK Mortem raid server on Discord?

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No, I don’t have discord, maybe I should download it and have a look… Thanks!!

I just wanted to make a Beast for the Mortem raids, I didn’t want to waste the boosts on a creature that my high leveled friends use and is normally higher than mine, I just don’t know who to pick, thought I’d put this up to get some expert opinions. :wink:

Put one speed boost on Indo2

I sent you a DM with the details. I’m trying it with Thor for Dentist. I’ll let you know if it works.

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This isn’t an expert opinion, since the strategy is untested (it works according to my calculations) but if you want to contribute a creature no one else will, you can try this guy

You can expect to hear about it if it works.


Thanks PuffMummy and Qaw. :wink:

Tenonto with 5.4k health and ard 2.2k damage can with a good carry team scrape past Mortem. Needs RNG but my alliance did it once.


Thanks arugono, I’ve already got boosts on Maxi and Teno, might boost one of them to Beast Mode!! :+1:

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An irritator+tenonto combo could probably reheal a maxima to full hp. Not to mention allow it to do crazy damage


Irri would take me a while to get to high level (used most on Magna) I’ve decided on Tenrex… At it’s current level of 25 what boosts would be the wisest set up for it?

Actually, Irritator can take on Mortem Rex perfectly well at level 15, all you have to do is boost its HP.
If you want to run it unboosted, level 20 works too, depending on your healer’s base damage.

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O.k. I’ll remember that, I just used up a few boosts on Tenrex, I might as well stick to it (I like the different moves, they cover a bit) it’s at 5000 and something and 2033 damage, is it worth throwing a few on speed?

I can go higher with boosts.

Tryostronix is also a good pick but it needs to be high in LVs ( apx LV28 to LV30 ) with its ability to increase the power base of your team by doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling it ( your power strikes ) it can really rip into that savage beastie big time plus it also has HEAL ability as well but be very careful how you use it as Mortem Rexs primal tail whip can obliterate you very fast .!. lol
but for a combined team try these others as a possibility as well >>>>>

  1. Trykosaurus
  2. Ardentismaxima
  3. Tryostronix
  4. Thoradolosaur
  5. Tenontorex
  6. Indominus Rex ( gen 1 version )
  7. Utarinex ( super boosted ) :ok_hand:
  8. Magnapyritor ( super boosted ) :ok_hand:
  9. Quetzorion ( super boosted ) :ok_hand:
  10. Diloracheirus ( super boosted ) :ok_hand:

those 10 dinos listed above are a few of the hard hitting dinos that could ensure you finally beat the **Monster within = Mortem Rex ) lol :joy: :joy: :joy:

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If you just use Irritator you can get away with using much less boosts and levels than any other strategy. It’s the most economical strategy, especially for players that aren’t in the endgame.

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Joe you are a Legend!! (thanks mate, that helps a lot having that list, I’ll stick to them… Once again, Thanks!!:wink:

YES!! Finally got you Mortem Rex… Thanks to the people who helped me out. :dragon_face: