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I'd like some input on this


I didn’t think I’d ever need to ask for team help, but here I am. What do i replace for Indoraptor?


I swap out Allosino and Utasino regularly.

Feel free to ask questions or for clarifications!


I would totally go for Trago, as you hace tanks covered with Stegodeus and Alankylo, which forma me at least proof much more useful un blocking indominus and the kind. But again, just my opinion


I’d tend to agree, but the Rampage–Stun–Rampage combo is unrivaled, not to mention speed and Long Invincibility on top of that.

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I see your point, yup. I was so afraid of letting trago go haha


I would ditch one of the tanks - probably Alankylo


Yeah I’d probably ditch Alankylo too. Trago is bae :heart_eyes:


I would pull out Alankylo but that SII is just unmatched, it’s got plenty of utility with the SS and Rampage combo, plus two shielding moves which make it nearly impossible to deal with without some form of shield counter.


I’d go with alanky


I seriously can’t figure out who to swap for indoraptor. I’m having such a hard time with this.


I decided to try replacing suchotator


I’d change Alan or Allosino


As others before me I’d swap Alan for indo and never look back. Too many chompers make mince meat out of him.


Alankylo for sure. It only has sia: he doesnt do much damage to be of any significance. I have used trago at lvl 20 to get to 4300 trophies, before i benched him.


Alanky, no doubt…