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I'd pay more for a 300m range


I’m willing to pay up to 30 a month. So much is out of range still.


$30 is a bit much. I am thinking $20 max. And yes, I would be too. if I can see it, I can dart it.


You’re joking right? 90% of the spawns are based on Google Map locations. So unless Ludia has a construction and re-location company for the planet, I don’t think they’re “fixing” any thing lmao.


you would pay $30/month for dinos to spawn 1 foot out of a 300m range as opposed to 1 foot out of a 200m range? cancel your VIP, look, now they spawn 1 foot out of a 150m range.


There’s the criticism I was waiting for.

I stand by what I said.