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Idea about Speed Ties

For same dino/lv/boost, speed is decided by:

Move#1 > Move#2 > Move#3
Move#2 > Move#3 > Move#4
Move#4 > Move#1
(or reverse)

It would still be speed tie when people use same move but unlikely people would push the screen like crazy before the buttons show up all the time.

  1. good for screen/thumb heath
  2. more thinking/guessing involved

@Ned or @Ludia_Developers
please make concern about this or give any solutions for this.
this speedtie already long ancient topic. and we alredy tired open multiple post title about same topic on and on. hope we have solutions before 1.9 announcement hit.

a lot of players have disadvantage and many games compromise because of this unequality

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