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Idea about the breedery


Why not adjust percentages in the breedery like in the drafts ? To see if we have high or low chances of getting powerful dragons


Seeing things does not grant things, it only induces hopelessness. If I could propose my idea - it would be selective breeding or solid pedigree.

Selective breeding:

For every breeding of a given combination of dragons(and only specific dragons, not just “any species of any star or any given dragon”, if you have a 3star 650 dragon that you breed with - that’s the only dragon that will be eligible for the bonus, not its freshly trained copy) you get a stacking bonus to breed the highest-star result. Once you breed it - the bonus is reset. Could be like 0.1% chance per breeding.

Solid pedigree:

Simply put - the higher the training and\or power of the parents is - the higher is the chance. People wondered if it was a factor, but I think support has repeatedly denied this rumor. But, if Ludia wanted to make its game less of a casino and more of an RPG - this is one of the ways to make reasonable. Maybe add up to 1% per parent based on its status. So, if you breed 2 fresh 3-star dragons, the chance to get 4s would be 1%. If you breed 2 maxed out 3-star dragons - the chance would be 3%. And the incremental differences could be based on training and current power. Like 0.3% for fresh 2-star trained 3-star dragon, 0.6% for fresh 3-star trained 3-star dragon, 0.9% for maxed power, and 0.1% for maxed ability.

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I like the solid pedigree

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