Idea because the 1.55 (repost)

(repost because i post it on rise of berk forum)
I have an idea:
The idea would be that some tournament creatures can be bought with amber but there would no longer be tournaments of them, the creatures would be:
Herbivores: Einiosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Erlikosaurus
Carnivores: Megalosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Sphenacodon
Amphibians: Proterogyrinus and Eyrops
Pterosaurs: Tupuxuara and Darwinopterus
Aquatic: Suchodus, Archelon and Mosasaurus G2 Cenozoic: Mastodon, Gatornis and Titanoboa
And that they are not suddenly there, if not that there is a tournament with a Last Chance warning and that if you touch the warning it will tell you Last Chance: Last chance to unlock this creature, if you cannot unlock it you can only buy it with amber
That’s just my idea xd

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Hmm… after ludia locking away some of the base rarities for good I wouldnt be happy with them doing this to tournament creatures.

What I would like to see is maybe some newer additions that are lower rarity that can only be bought with amber, some that will eventually fill in some class gaps, common amphibian hybrid, super rare amphibian hybrid, super rare snow hybrid, super rare savannah hybrid just to name a few.


You know that, even I realized that this is horrible so I have another idea; What if instead of doing extreme things, they simply do some in-game voting on which tournament the players will want next week, possibly the voting will be on Saturdays so that the weekly schedule can be done relatively normally


^ I’d rather have this too.

Sure, putting tournament dinos into the amber market will make them accessible especially to some like the elusive Pachyrhinosaurus, but it would be excruciating to grind for. The current base-rarity dinos are already super expensive according to Sionsiths math in the Update 55 thread.

I’d rather keep them in the tournament/CoT rotation and unlock them when they come around rather than grind impossible amounts of amber via bosses.


i think they add some by time as there still are new creatures more and more


They’ll probably cost a lot so there will have to be more ways to get amber


probably 100k+


It would not be impossibly terrible if the amber market was a way to unlock the creature in the regular market but purchasing single copies with amber is just a no go for me.


I’d even support a reduction of the overall costs if they don’t become unlocked, that way there is a steady stream of obtaining them for hybrids. THEN when the unlock events come around, that’s when players can fully outright unlock a dino.

This would make leveling the boss the grind, so you can get to higher prize levels for more amber. As it stands, you have to grind to unlock a boss, grind to get BDNA to make the boss more powerful, then grind ludicris amounts of amber for overpriced, locked-away dinos that you only buy 1 copy of…

OH but HeY, you can buy metric tons of BDNA to bypass the grind to obtain bosses since putting it as an RNG reward in some card packs isn’t a viable paid method of gaining copies…

But talk about dragging our knees on the pavement, giving us “thing’s we ask for.”