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Idea - Boost Reset Tokens

A complaint (a valid one) we see all too often is that when a major patch drops it often results in one or multiple dinosaurs getting totally gutted (sometimes justified, sometimes not), and many call for a total boost reset, which often leads to players dumping all their refunded boosts onto the next most problematic creatures…well instead of a full reset (which leads to max boosted monsters after people go on a boost applying spree), why not give out each patch a limited number of “Boost Reset Tokens” to each player as part of each patch?

Basically say each player gets 1 or 2 reset tokens, and if the patch happened to gut one of their main team members, they can choose to use their token to refund the boosts on that gutted dinosaur and use them on something else!

Anyway just food for thought :sunglasses:


Exactly what I proposed here. It would be good for players and good for Ludia.