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[Idea] Boosted skill tournament

By the topic I don’t mean normal skill tournaments that gives boosts as a reward. It is a skill tournament that involves much less speedties. You can pick among certain (or all) dinos and they are all set to lv30 (instead of 26), you also have the option to boost them (up to tier 30) and you’re given unlimited amount of boosts (just for that tournament). This would be interesting and i believe more fun because everyone is fighting on equal grounds but also speedties occurs way less often. There’s tactics involved in both making/boosting your teams as well as actually battling


I’d prefer if there was all level 26, but there was a supply of boosts (say 800 of each, so 80 speed, attack, and health) for that tournament that isn’t affected by your other boosts. Then you can have 2 options to battle. One is without boosts, one with boosts. That way you can still play a traditional skill tournament, or boosted. Also you can move boosts on creatures in the tournament.

I like this idea a lot, it definitely would give certain brackets a breath of fresh air (cough Epics cough). My problem stems from how certain creatures will be a lot more annoying, like WRhino, and the fact that certain close matchups won’t exist anymore (like Brachi v Diplod or Acro vs Troodon). That part may need a little work

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