Idea: Costumes

So basically, during seasonal events, there’s a chance to get costumes that don’t grant any competitive advantage, but just look fun. An example of this: getting 100 Christmas lights from a T. rex will give you a light string which will let you get the festive lights T. rex costume. The costumes are permanently unlocked once you get them, and certain dinos have unique costumes (New years indom, etc.)
Edit for clarification: getting a direct hit on the T. rex will give you anywhere from 15-20 Christmas lights


Skins and dino hats and stuff would be realy nice, like constrctor vampyrus or something like that would be awesome or if i could just slap a hat onto a rex or something.

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what have you done

What haven’t I done

I think skins would be awesome too, maybe even better. Imagine a biloumenecant Rex or some of the patterns that the indom had in indominus escape LEGO show


I’m not really keen on a T.rex covered in Christmas decorations, but I do think skins like the ones in JW minecraft with bioluminescent and other variants would be very cool.

Just skin from JWTG(lv 40 skin )

No. Just no. Aren’t emotes enough of an annoyance for the adults in this game?

Please Ludia implement this, so I can finally leave the game. The (mostly) nice 3D models of dinosaurs are pretty much what keeps me opening the JWA app since every other aspect of the game nowadays is either slow, buggy or simply not fun. Now let’s turn this game to dino-Fortnite for people like me to easily drop it.

My guy, just turn the emotes off, simple as that.