Idea - Dinosaur Energy

Ok so we all know the issues with speed ties in tournaments or when you happen to be anywhere other than Canada or US, well we could implement a dinosaur energy system that affects the result of speed ties…heck maybe even speed in general!

How exactly? ahh im glad you asked mate, you see each dinosaur could have an energy bar, and in the event of a speed tie each player chooses how much of this energy they wish to expend to try and go first, will you go all out and use 100% of your energy to ensure you go first? ahh but what if the other player only opts to use 50%, sure they will lose THAT speed tie, but in the event of the next speed tie, they will have much more energy they can “bid”, IF they even use it at all, where as you will have nothing, and thus lose the tie!

This energy would slowly build up over each round, but it would add another layer of tactics, as you could juke the other player into blowing all their energy, and then swap to something that counters their dinosaur, wasting their energy bid.

Such a feature would make sense because as with real animals, if you walk slow, you use very little energy, but if you start sprinting you start burning that energy fast and begin to slow down!

The energy could possibly even be set to not just affect speed ties, but a dinosaurs speed in general, maybe each “energy” spent on speed adds a set number of speed points for that turn, and could result in you going first…but to prevent a case of say a Thor using 100% energy to try and outspeed a speedster to take it out, they could implement a kind of “tired” debut or something, that could affect something else, such as attack!

Notes: One issue I can see though with such an idea, is what if the exact same dinosaurs with the exact same speed both “bid” the same amount?

Like idea but if so the timer would increase from 30 to 40

It could lead to a lot of different tactics where as this for instance -

Player 1 - Brings out Erlidom
Player 2 - Brings out Erlidom also

Player 1 - Bids 100% energy to go first
Player 2 - Doesn’t bid at all but swaps to Tryko to take the rampage

Player 1’s Erlidom gains 10% energy regeneration

Player 2 - Brings back Erlidom and bids 20% of their 100% energy (as they used none in the first round)
Player 1 - Bids all of their 10% energy to try go first

Player 2’s 20% energy bid is higher than player 1’s bid of 10%

Player 2 - Gets to go first and one shots player 1’s Erlidom with their own Erlidoms rampage

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Yeah they could adjust various parts of the game such as timer to allow for more time to make a choice.

I think this idea would add a new layer of strategy as you can trick opponents into blowing all their energy, or a good chunk of it, and then making tactical swaps to take the hit (as they win the speed game) but then bring in something with more energy to win the next round as they wont have enough energy to go first.

I mean this could theoretically be used as the new speed mechanic entirely, or up to a point!

Edit: This would also help prevent issues of who is closer to the server or not, since both energy bids would go to the server and then calculate the winner based on how much energy they opted to use…if any, and then the winner goes first!

Its also not RNG dependant either, as the choices of energy use (or not using any at all) is entirely player and opponent driven!

I like the concept, but how would it be fair. Unless you know the other person’s creatures, you can’t be sure there will be another speed tie, meaning that you might use everything and win because there are no other speed ties, or lose because there is another speed tie. It may seem like tactics, but it is just luck. Also, what if both people get the same amount.?
I like it better when it goes like this:
Fastest creature moves first,
Highest level creature goes first
When both are tied, whoever moves first goes first, unless priority is taken, and if both take priority, then it the system works over again.

That’s the thing though, the speed tie when it’s whoever moves first is unfair. Because if you’re closer to the Ludia servers, then you’re more likely to win the speed tie.

Well here is the thing, this could IF done right, could be a new speed mechanic entirely, it wouldnt just need to be for a speed tie, it could be used in general! So if you say use all your energy and win the speed tie bid, you go first, but then when the next dinosaur comes out you would have no energy, or only the regenerated amount stored up, so then the other player may go first.
This energy would slowly build back up, maybe a certain percentage each round/turn till it gets back to 100%.

So even if the other person out bids you in one round for say a speed tie and thus wins, they just blew a ton of that dinosaurs energy, which leaves you in a better position. Its all based on how much (if any) each player commits to each turn, they may find they don’t need to outspeed you for whatever reason and instead stockpile their energy.

But to your point where you said “whoever moves first goes first” thats the issue we have currently, because if say someone in Australia presses instantly their attack, and the other player say in Canada presses slightly slower, whoever is closer to the ludia servers will go first because the server will register their click first over say the Aussie.

My speed mechanic suggestion entirely eliminates this as well as RNG.

But yes as you said, there would need to be something in place for a situation where both players “bid” the exact same energy amount!

Think of it like an olympic track race, where you have everyone running at different paces. Do they sprint from the start (if its a long race) to get the opening lead? or do they store their energy and unleash it all at the home stretch?

How and when you use a dinosaurs energy will change the flow of the match, rather than RNG or ping!

This idea has merits… as someone who has been playing alot of temtem recently, managing the stamina bar is huge in that game… its adds a ton of strategy to the game… of course their it ties into everything as most skills have no cooldown but high stamina costs. Its also quite easy to ko yourself spaming high stamina moves but their are times when thats a good option.

Would like to see a more strategic system like this though.


One thing that hopefully someone from the forums can help with is working out a way to deal with situations where two dinosaurs opt to use the same amount of energy on winning the speed advantage, I cant think of anything off the top of my head so ill have a think about it, but maybe some insight from others would also help.

Preferably something that doesn’t come down to RNG though, if possible.