Idea - Dinosaur Research

Just thought about a new concept that could be added to the game, dinosaur research. The player could undertake missions located around the map to dig sites and find clues and fossils, and these fossils would then be used to do various things, like “discovering” raptors had feathers, or some other trait, would could then unlock different skins, such as the ability to change the default look of their raptor to be a feathered version.

This idea could also be taken a step further to add new genetic research, to allow players to unlock a kind of “skill tree” for each dinosaur, which could allow a dinosaur to change an ability, for instance sacrificing damage or a move type, to increase counter attack damage or even type.

Like take Noodletitan for instance, its got a very basic counter so its more a tank against non-piercing dinosaurs like Erlidoms, but with “Dino Research” you could have the ability to sacrifice something else she has, to say upgrade her counter to be, say, a definite counter and alter her role from a 'Non-chomper tank counter" to a dodge counter.

Each dinosaur would have its own tree of choices, so the devs would retain their ability balance things, so a player cant just take a dinosaur and totally change it, but they could use the research to focus on a speciality!

The sky is the limit with something like this, and it would allow for more variety, because two of the exact same dinosaurs could potentially have two totally different niches!

Anyway just thought id share :slight_smile:


OOOOH. I love it.

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wow, some jurassic world evolution aspect to jwa. i would love it.

i only remember one thing: ludia.

great ideas for players aren’t always good for ludia. they already made it clear that want to keep control of everything and give us very little control over the game.

they control supplies, dna, spawns, dinos stats, even customizations like boosts… maybe even some bugs may be intended.

more control to us means less to ludia.

if they change their mind and make this game more community ruled and less profit ruled… who knows.

i really stopped to post ideas and askings to them.

but in my country we have a popular quote: “the Hope is the last thing to die”.

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Yeah I can definitely see that, they do appear to try to monetise everything…but if we throw enough ideas that players would like to see, they could take them and mould them into a way that would work for both players and in terms of money making.

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Velo skill tree
Strike turns intp distraction
+150Hp. Or. +200DMG
Pounce gets presice
Immune to. Distraction. Or. Swap prevent
Gain a third move Evasive Stance
+200HP. Or. +250DMG
+10% crictical chance
+1 or 2 speed
+10% cric. Or. +180HP
Distraction switches to Evasive stance, turning into Distraction Impact, and Evasive Stance turning into Evasive strike

The end only 10 changes, how good did I do?

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Yep these are the kinda ideas I mean, the dinosaur can be kept default (if thats what a player likes) or they could alter a move as one of the skill selections and change the role of the dinosaur!

Each change would have a positive effect, but that would have an effect on something else, and would also be a balanced skill set.

Nodopato could say have -

  • Upgrade 0.25 counter to definite counter, or rending counter.
  • This would have an effect on something else, but the role of the dinosaur would ultimately be defined by the player and their choices, and more choices means more variety, as even an Erlidom vs Erlidom could play out totally different if one Erlidom altered itself to be more tanky as an example.

Heck the Nodopato for instance could opt to strip itself entirely of its counter attack and gain something else in its place, in the form of harder hits, or better shields or more of something else.

Sooooo much room for tailoring dinosaurs to a player or teams needs! Which will only aid variety in the end, because even if you were to see the exact same “Meta” dinosaurs, the one you are facing now might require a totally different strategy to defeat to the one you fought the match before!

As for exact skill tree/alterations, that would need a lot of thought put into it to make it work! Don’t want a situation where one version of a dinosaur is so vastly superior to the other possibilities as to make them irrelevant.

These changes would also help new players also…actually everyone really since it would be a universal thing for all levels and all dinosaurs.

However HOW its implemented and the methods of unlocking or obtain this genetic research would require a lot of…well research lol, on behalf of the devs, but I feel this idea could be built up into something great!

Therw wpuld be missions to go one up, like fpr velo you need to fight 20 times with a nimble therapod to level up.

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