Idea: Eggs

In each incubator (arena, apex, EX.) there’s a chance that you can find an egg. After incubating the egg for X amount of time, a baby Dino will hatch. That baby Dino (visible on the map) will walk around and collect supply drop rewards that are farther away, but will have the reward as if you were next to it.


that is a very good idea


Not a bad idea! but it would be too closely similar to Pokemon go then. I like this idea but idk if it will happen.


What if the eggs hatched and you just get a baby Dino to assist stronger dinos in the arena. For example, you pair babies with your team and they benefit the Dino in the arena. Just would be a little boost. The baby might heal the adult Dino, or give it damage up. Just a tiny boost to make it better. You would still get and hatch eggs to unlock babies


That sounds like a great idea

Sounds like a great idea

Ripping off pogo won’t work. Im down for more content, but something that hatches or opens after distance walking is better for an AR mobile game.

Always thought it would be nice if they ever do aquatic dinos and pvp area they make those distance based vs time.


JWA is an AR mobile game like Pokemon Go at heart. Something like eggs is a better way of motivating people to go outside than whatever they’re trying to accomplish with short range spawns. I would keep it simple though. Just hatch an egg (or some equivalent) by walking a certain distance, and get some DNA for a given creature.


Or they could do something called “field research”. It would give you an alternative way to earn DNA for a desired creature besides sanctuaries. Basically you would select a creature (probably non-hybrids only) to “research”, and for every X distance you walk, you’ll earn a certain amount of that creature’s DNA. Rarer creatures would require longer walk distances and/or would give smaller DNA returns. If Ludia really wants us to get out into the world, this is a much less messy incentive than short range spawns.


I remember when Ludia mentioned walking x amount of distance and getting boosts as a reward back in the boost 2.0 q&a. That was one of the increased ways to earn boosts they mentioned as coming soon. Woulda been a pretty good motivator for walking. But it never happened.

Any new content is worthy of adding and who cares if it’s similar to pogo or not. It’s not like games don’t take ideas from other games.

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Sounds like a nice idea, but i would take it just that little bit further and make it so that each player can* hatch an egg and grow your very own MINIONS to assist you in tasks / PvP battles / or in gathering supply drops, treasure chests, special items, scents etc as you suggested earlier in your post.!.

The baby could throw the towel for you in case you are getting your ass kicked.

Id just stay clear of eggs and babies and a walking buddy(we use a drone because you are not realistically able to walk beside these things haha) honestly dna isn’t much of an issue with this game. Coins are where ppl have needs. You make the distance incubators more coin based vs dna and you immediately interest ppl. Combine that with the short range spawns and u got a good system.

You are a genius!