(Idea) Excavation sites


Hi there!

I’ve been playing through the bete for quite some time now and i’ve had this crazy idea about some kind of ‘world event’ or just like in PoGo where you have to go to a nearby Gym and hand in raid passes to get better pokemon; in JWA you have to go somewhere to obtain more epic dinosaur DNA and meet other players in the process.

“The Great Excavation Expedition”

While the other dinosaurs are wandering the planet, others are already sleeping deep underneath the ground… A second adventure awaits you! Not only are you looking for living creatures but also (or better said especially) for those who are dead!

Excavation sites are randomly generated events in your neighbourhood. This could go in two directions; either they are very special and contain epic or even legendary DNA. Those events spawn on more prominent and set (event) locations which ludia communicates via their website. One huge excavation site in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia,… A big event really. This could very well be linked to IRL excavation locations to allow for JWA to have an educational purpose as well.

This could also be done like the gyms in PoGo where they have set or even random locations all accros the neighbourhood. Important here: keep it local; don’t make the event too special and make it accessible for everyone. I like this more but global events could be a cool addition as well both can work out at the same time. The main idea location wise: discover new locations. This is why i prefer more focus on local excavations because discovering a place nearby has way more meaning and is much more accessible vs having to buy tickets for the event, plane,… and go somewhere else (but this is also a cool addition!!).

Now… The idea revolves around multiple ideas in one. Either you fight an AI (like in the battles) which is a very high epic or legendary; together with other players and after the dinosaur is done you can excavate their remainings and ‘discover’ their DNA.

OR the dinosaur is already dead and you have to participate in some kind of minigame in which you obtain a certain amount of DNA and learn how excavation actually works; see it as fun and “education” (but especially fun lol). Again; both ideas can actually be implemented: first a fight, secondly the excavation minigame.

The idea here is to give epic+ dinosaurs way more meaning. Its cool to see your epic trex being level 21 because you participated in numerous excavations. This could also be registered via badges or achievements to show everyone how much of an adventurer / archeologist you really are! Random spawning epics are nice but excavation digged ones would be so cool and you actually get to know more players and dinosaurs.

So currently the idea is somewhat vague but just keep in mind the following: excavation adventures worldwide and / or locally where you fight and / or excavate the remainings of an epic dinosaur (maybe even unique ones). This could go anywhere really. Key words definitely are fun, educational and teamwork. You are excited to see a new excavation site nearby and you somehow have to work together with other players to obtain the DNA. Last but not least you actually learn about excavation, how it is done (via text, via video, some kind of tutorial) and especially about the dinosaur. Now you can add regular dinosaur information (when they existed, how long their teeth are, how fast they are, how they hunt / eat,…) while hybrids, gen2’s and in general the fictive dinosaurs could have some kind of lore added to them. This could go anywhere really. This is the perfect game for both fun and a little educational excavation; you already have the perfect target group…

How you like the idea? Please add more to the idea if you think of something; this could be a really awesome feature if this can be implemented one day! Thanks for reading! JWA has a treasure of information which they don’t use (yet?) which other games might never have; reality. There is so much to read about dinosaurs and certain details are so cool (did you know a velociraptor can go up go 64 km / h?).

JWA could really utilise this information way more in order for it to become an experience. Read that twice: an EXPERIENCE. If you read something you will remember it for some time… Now if you do something you will remember it way longer. If you read AND do something it becomes an experience which could last forever. Currently no other game has such a treasure of information to actually do such a huge experience feature as JWA has here; think about it!


Good idea, bro
But is so difficult to improve this innovation


Well im not going to lie its a rather complex feature lol but it would be pretty awesome if they would make something similar. No other game could do the exact same thing but add all kinds of fantasy / fictional features. Jwa could actually add so many real life details to it because they actually existed and argeology seems so complex as well. Jwa is perfect to make all of this fun and educational. Its insane if you think about it. Especially since it is ‘on the go’ it could actually lead players to dinosaur musea, archeology sites accross the world,… Not just ‘in a random park around the world’ like PoGo fest really. It can add so much meaning.

Remember the tutorial video in the jurassic park movies? The dino clone one (see below for a link)… Those details are still missing imo. The real life details made into fun and “fictional” little videos / features / or just even some lore really, anything. Most games are completely fictional and have nothing more to offer but that. This game can be exactly the opposite. It can become fun and educational. As i said: their target group is already perfect; children, teenagers, young adults and even parents / adults. So many dinosaur details could be added and everything. Just like they already did with the “about this creature” text; more of this!

In fact the dinosaurs in the jurassic park movies are already hybdrids since they contain our nowaday animals’s DNA to complete it… (See the yt video i added) So even the hybrids in this game are in fact “real”. Haha gotta love the movies.

Jwa is absolute fun but if i can even learn small details about dinosaurs and archeology AND still have loads of fun… Now what games nowadays offer that? The subject itself is rather complex and maybe even uninteresting to some but add some fictional dinosaurs fighting eachother to it and immediatelly “everyone” is interested. Thats what im trying to achieve with this suggested feature really. A glimp to reality which has fighting dinosaurs and discoveries in it. :smiley:

Features that could take this game to the next level