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Idea for a Cunning Apex: Chimera Atrotoxus

Ok, so we all know Cunning creatures are still on the bottom of the totem pole. How do you make an intimidating Apex Cunning creature you say?

Here’s my idea.

It’s venomous (as in: DoT)

A concept:

Chimera Atrotoxus
(Indoraptor Rig: Definitely imagining Dilo-like features)

Arena Variant:

  • Cautious Strike

  • Myotoxin [New]: 1X. Deal .4X Max HP DoT for 2 turns. 75% Chance to Stun 1 turn. Target Highest HP. Delay: 0/ Cooldown: 2

  • High Pounce

  • Cloak

  • Noxious Counter [New]: Distract 50% and apply .21X Max HP DoT for 1 turn.

  • No Escape

  • 4200 HP

  • 1400 Attack

  • 128 Speed

  • 20% Critical
    ~ 100% Distraction Resistance
    ~ 100% Critical Reduction Resistance
    ~ 100% Stun Resistance
    ~ 75% DoT Resistance

Raid Variant

  • 35,000(ish) HP (2 Rounds)

  • 2200(ish) Attack

  • 128 Speed

  • 20% Critical
    ~ 100% Distraction Resistant
    ~ 100% Critical Reduction Resistant
    ~ 100% Stun Resistant
    ~ 80% DoT Resistant
    ~ 80% Rend Resistant
    ~ 80% Vulnerability Resistant

  • Group Cautious Strike: Target All.

  • Primal Venom: 1.5X. Apply .4X Max HP DoT for 2 turns to highest HP.

  • Nullifying Rampage

  • Noxious Counter

Round 2

  • +High Pounce


  • Giraffatitan (L30/20/10/0)
    ~ 10,392 HP/1519 Attack/107 Speed
  • Spinosaurus (L30/12/10/8)
    ~ 5688 HP/1519 Attack/138 Speed

As I always say, my numbers aren’t perfect, I’m sure there’s some balance to be had here or there. But aside from that, thoughts on this?


Hmm, I think the Myotoxin should have a 3 turn cooldown, or 1 turn delay. If you successfully stun the opponent, there’s a good chance they’ll be dead in the next turn between that bleed and High Pounce. Or the turn after that if you successfully predict the opponent using IIT, and use either Cloak or Cautious Strike instead and THEN High Pounce.

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I love It, but honestly i would scrap the stun on myotoxin and replace It for distraction

DoT is technically fierce

I thought DoT was Wildcard?

Nope. There’s a reason Cunning moves cleanse DoT. You’ll also find most bleeders classed as being fierce, even the ones without fierce moves.

It will be a fierce | cunning ( Dot is fierce by the way )
If i wrong am sorry

This sounds sick

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