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Idea For a Much Needed Amphibian Glass Cannon

Hybrid name: ???
Consists of: Kronosaurus + ???
Health at lvl 40: 5722
Attack at lvl 40: 5275
Ferocity: 22602
DNA cost: 68300

Important interactions (all creatures are at level 40):

  • Can 2 shot a Pachygalosaurus
  • Can 1 shot a Pterodaustro
  • Can 2 shot a Tapejalocephalus
  • Can 1 shot a Glythronax
  • Can 1 shot a Segnosuchus
  • Dies in 1 from Metriaphodon
  • Can’t kill Zalmonodon in 2
  • Dies in 5 hits from Tanycolagreus
  • Survives 3 hits from Spinotasuchus
  • Survives 2 hits from Gorgosuchus
  • Dies in 3 hits from Allonogmius
  • Survives 2 hits from Eudimorphodon
  • Dies in 3 hits from Tapejalosaurus

Allow me to introduce my idea… Kronogyrinus :joy:

Doesn’t sound too bad

Two shooting a Pachygalo may be asking for too much imo
That’s thing’s health is in a diferent league alltogether

Metriaphodon with advantage could two shot it. That’s why glass cannons exist. To rip through tanks.


Well,he did state that it is a glass cannon,if any meat shield can be as extreme as pachygalosaurus, there should a glass cannon just as extreme,or if possible,even more extreme.

No, Acanthostega is a Battle stage unlock, that would be better.

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But that ferocity though.
Just about the same as a lvl 30 Indoraptor. Make this Amphibian Glass Cannon a super-hybrid.

Edit: I looked at the ferocity and stats of Yudon and Metriaphodon. It can stay as a tourney hybrid if it wants.

Lower ferocity than Yudon and Pachygalosaurus but higher than Metriaphodon.


Acanthostega isn’t really an extreme glass cannon (like Metriacantho and Postosuchus). I guess so…we have Pachygalosaurus which isn’t like Pachyrhino or Megalosaurus.

I faced a lot of Metriaphodons during the Ornithocherius tournament, and no amphibian, literally none, can survive more than two hits from that thing with the advantage.

Needs more health than Pachygalo to survive 2 hits.