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Idea for a new weekly event w/o legendaries and/or uniques


weekly event: exclusives
monday ,tuesday:
miragaia, stigymoloch gen 2, gallimimus
wednesday, thursday, friday:
proceretasaurus, arambourgiania, purrusaurus, irritator, baryonx gen 2
saturday, sunday:
stigymoloch alanqa pachcephalosaurus

this week would be really good and its needed since a lot of the new hybrids require arena exclusives

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OK, why pachy


Forgot Diplodocus.

I would be happy with week of sauropods.


I don’t feel like they might possibly add this all arena exclusive creatures week in JWA.

Because this may cause unbalancing of Battle matchmaking.:thinking:


They won’t make a week like this. They want you to buy more cash to open incubators for these DNA.


Why do you have to put all the good ones in one week? No! I don’t want to have a hard time to decide which one to dart. Lol

Put them in different weeks with other trash dinos :wink: