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Idea for Breeding


It’s been a little over 3 weeks since i maxed my team and to this day i still haven’t got a single 4* dragon, i’m level 31 now and it’s super frustrating that all this time i haven’t made any real progress because of rng. Breeding feels useless.

So my idea to make this issue more bearable is to add a streak breaker when breeding the same pair of dragons of the same rarity multiple times.

The way this would work is after “x” number of failed attempts in a row we get a guaranteed dragon of higher rarity. The counter would reset whenever we get a dragon of higher rarity (even if the streak breaker is not triggered) and when changing the pair of dragons used for breeding.

For example, i want to breed Sky-Pirate + Wild Wraith (both 3*) and after 30 or so attempts of not getting a 4* i hit the streak breaker and on my following breeding i get a guaranteed 4* (Coldreign, Bombwelter OR Foehammer). The exact streak breaker is up to the developers to decide.

I get that it should be kind of difficult to get better dragons the further you advance but it shouldn’t be tied to luck and we need a way to keep making progress as little as it may be and i think that my idea is fair for loyal and commited players.

So please consider this Ludia and thanks for reading.


I have the same problem i am trying now to breed new dragons(it has been a month) and didn’t get any 4 stars dragons,not even a single one.the chances of getting 4 stars dragons are so low.i really hope ludia will fix and solve this problem


Hi! I reached the lvl 1 breedery couple days ago. And I got a 4 stars dragon. It was my third try. But I think this is just luck.