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Idea for code 19

I wish when you had a code 19 and the dinosaur escaped than you could see the dinosaurs roam through your park, then the dinosaur could destroy buildings or decorations that you would have to rebuild.
Any other Ideas?

The reward for a Code 19 is so poor.
And then let him destroy buildings and especially decorations when I fail…never ever.
Imagine an escaped dino destroys a Clock Tower.:smiling_imp:


I mean smaller buildings and decorations not vip ones.

I honestly do not want to plant this idea in the brain of Ludia. I have a bad gut feeling when I think about what they could do.


Code 19 really needs better rewards but the idea of @IndominusRex27 isn’t so bad. It could be interesting to see an escaped dino walking and roaring through the park . Instead of destroying a building or a decoration , I suggest the escaped dino to cause all the buildings and dinosaurs of a certain area not to produce money . Unfortunately, I’m afraid that if we add too many things in the game it will crush . So this is difficult to be implemented.

By the way @IndominusRex27 , Baryonyx is one of my favourite dinosaurs in the game too !

I’m with @Tommi on this one, losing the use of the dino seems punishment enough already (considering it’s usually only the best dinos I fail on). I really would like to see some replacement for the experience for players that have maxed parks as well, food would be fine.


I don’t like or play code 19 so if it destroyed my stuff I would be very annoyed.

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In my opinion , if Ludia increase the code 19 prizes it may be worthwhile to take the risk . I repeat , it may be better the escaped dino not to destroy but to stop the money production of buildings and enclosures , at a certain area .
Code 19 is one of the few things that reminds me all the Jurassic park and Jurassic world movies . A dinosaur escapes and chases people , how classic! I think that it would make JWG more realistic and exciting , something that will remove the possible monotony of higher level players . IF it does not cause bugs , I believe that it is a good idea .

I agree with you guys but I still think it would be cool to see the escaped dinos roaming around the park.

It would but it also would require a really significant amount of graphics and animation work for a relatively minor benefit. After all, we’ve been asking for years to have people walking around the park and they’ve never done that either. I think considering they are avoiding having to do much graphics work by just rebooting dinos into “Gen 2” versions I doubt they’d do something this big.

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