Idea for Duty Chest

This may not be the most popular suggestion, but I was thinking that if most duties were doubled, ie hatch 20 eggs instead of 10, that this would take us basically twice as long and thus reducing the time we are waiting for the cooldown. Maybe a combination of this and 4hr cooldown.

One other suggestion, get rid of quest/exploration in duties. I think most reroll 50 dragons in exploration as many are at a point where they cant progress. Also 50 eggs from quests was alwaysannoying as well as it served as a brake on exploration early in game. Let us get them however we choose

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Would it not be better to remove the cooldown timer and instead just put a maximum on the amount of chest you can open each day (for example 3)? Sure, you’d probably still have to wait once you’ve opened all of them for the day, but it wouldn’t be as annoying as it is right now.


I don’t really care about the chest, but I agree with the Exploration duty - it’s physically impossible to do reliably. And there is virtually no reason to reroll anything else. Not even level 10 dragons, which is easy with all the new energy.

I don’t see a problem with 50 eggs, I do about 20 zone quests a day, so… most of the time fish\gold\egg are just auto-complete.

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Just thinking back to when I started and wasn’t doing repeatable because it was all exploration. Just open it up. Collec t 50 eggs any mode, kill.50 dragons any mode
The special.tiles, use abilities and bring dragons are all open