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Idea for Earning More Coins in 1.15

In a future update, I think it would be a good idea to be able to earn coins for every Dino you dart. 10% of the amount of DNA in coins seems fair (I.e 300 DNA will earn you 30 coins).


Only getting coins from incubators or from shop are only good ideas.

I entirely disagree in fact it’s become increasingly difficult to get incubators without insanely boosting your dinos which a lot of people such as myself cannot afford so this idea for coins sounds amazing because I constantly need coins to level up dinos but never have enough. also coins from the shop are too expensive so this is a great idea and L’d love to see this added in 1.15 because people who don’t want to spend real money on the game will have a faster and more fun way to gain coins to level up dinosaurs plus it encourages darting and hunting

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Spin drops and donate like everyone else, I swear this forum is nothing but people with their hands out. You want tend game dinos the 3rd week you play, it’s meant to be a grind and 1 of the factors intended to keep growth in check is resource scarcity.


I get about 100k coins every week, only because I don’t max my supply drops every day, nor do I play in the arena. If I did those things, I’d get probably 175k -200k coins a week. Getting coins now is far easier than when this game first released. Be happy with what you have, don’t greed for even more.

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I’ve been playing for 2 years. Believe me, it’s not greed. Especially in a time like this where players who live in small towns aren’t able to reach many spin drops. Simply donating and winning battles isn’t enough. I just thought it’d be a good incentive to dart weak commons like suchomimus or diplocaulus.


Ya I’ve noticed that too. Geinding for 2-4 weeks, tour a full load.

maybe for you guys but not for me

Depends if you can atleast win the rare strikes and 1 to 3 epic. Or just collect the supply drops.

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i think it’s a good idea. it’ll give me a bit more incentive to dart things that are overly common or things i no longer need. idk how many coins i get per week. I really haven’t been keeping track. usually not much more than doing all the strike events, if i remember to do them all.