Idea For Fixing The Battle Arena

So I’ve been giving it alot of thought on how I would fix the battle arena and this is what I came up with. Make it a tiered system that has requirements to move up. For example if you wanted to move up to Lockwood from the marshes then you would need a certain amount of trophys as well as have a team comprised all legendary dinos and only legendary dinos. Moving up would always give you something to work for but say you wanted to go back down to a bottom tier to farm DNA, you would simply modify your team to meet that lower tier requirement. You wouldn’t be able to gain trophys based on where you could be fighting but would still be able to lose trophys. There would probably need to be a few extra arenas made to accommodate requirements i.e. Sorna Marshes only allow lvl 16 -20 legendarys and must have a min of 3000 trophys to enter. Bottom line is make the arenas criteria specific to fight in. This will eliminate both the increasingly lopsided matchmaking as well as handle trophy dropping. Additionally this would accommodate the sales of more boosts because you would now want to boost your entire inventory of dinos. If boosts are here to stay then I say this would help solve the problem as well as allowing Ludia to continue making money. Win win…

I’ve put as little thought as possible into it.
Match by trophy count.

Youd still have the original problem of people trophy purging

The boosts per arena should fix that.
Why they did all this other stuff is beyond me.

We just need an entirely separate arena for boosts.

I generally agree.
However it would obviously take some time to adjust as this just happened to me:

Funny enough I won. And no I did not exploit the boost sale. Just got myself the boosts from I cubators and the towers. I did get 22 trophies, what a joke.
This is me:

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