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Idea for Move

Lose all hp but give all other team mates 50% higher hp

Invincibility rampage(the No u)
Gain invincibility for 2 turns. Attack 2x

That’s a bit much.
If there were a Sacrifice move like this, it’d probably disperse the sacrificed creature’s remaining HP among the rest.
Or give a percentage to the next in line.
I do like the idea though.

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Will it be somithing like Electrode in Pokemon ? Rival is damaged in “sacrifice”?

In this case it will be a win-win move


Cool idea, but then everyone would have 7 sacrifice creatures on their team and sacrifice them and then pull out something like an overly boosted indo g2 that would then have like 30k health

Do you want the sacrifice move added to JW Alive?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Team recovering will be a big problem
Imagine someone build up a sacrifice team, and keep sacrificing his/her “Draco”, then sending over-boosted creatures again and again


Exactly. There would be even less diversity in the arena.

I doesn’t really sound dino’ish