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Idea for new skill: swap in nullifying


This skill could be the solution for a change in meta, and monomimus and dodge dinos dont need to be nerfed like everybody demanding.
Dinos like monostegotops could have this skill and making him very usefull and not the weaker dino to invest mono dna for example
What do you think?


Yep, it’s a good idea… would definitely like to see a swap-in nullify move


Gonna bump this, I’d love to see this one as well. We have swap-ins for nearly everything else, so why not nullify too?


I agree… i think why we havent seen one yet was with the old bug all swap ins nullified as well.


Also, most types of moves get Impact and Rampage.
There are Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage.
There are Armor Piercing Impact and Rampage.
There are Distracting Impact and Rampage.
There are Greater Stunning Impact and Rampage.
There is only Nullifying Impact but not Rampage.
Why is it like that?


Yes please! Also Nullifying Rampage would be nice. Should also be a passive that prevents positive effects from happening in the first place


After the update coming soon, we have Swap in Nullify now. Looking forward to Nullifying Rampage.
I hope the Nullifying Impact of Monostegotops will be changed to Nullifying Rampage.