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Idea for renown rewards: Feats


As expressed by many people in this thread, the rewards given for leveling up one’s renown are simply lackluster and useless - indeed, they are pretty much on par with plain/wooden chests and the free chest we can get every hour. I can somewhat understand decisions to not make the equipment rewards substantial, even if I disagree with it, but it’s clear that they are unsatisfactory to players, and give them little incentive to keep leveling up their gear and, by extension, play the game.

I would thus like to suggest that in place of a dismal, useless reward, small but unique benefits be given in the form of “feats”. These feats would give small boosts to all the player’s Heroes. They could be small enough to not have large impacts on the game, but desirable enough that players will care about obtaining them.

Here are some examples of feats that could be granted/selected as rewards for leveling up renown:

  • +5% HP for all Heroes
  • +5% DMG for all Heroes
  • +5% HIT for all Heroes
  • +5% AC for all Heroes
  • +1XP from a room (or maybe 20% chance of it, if that feels like too much).
  • +1 gold per room
  • Items are bought and sold at a 5% better prices
  • +10% healing for all Heroes

An expansion on this idea is for each renown rank to give a point that could be spent in a skill tree (hosted by Mirt :smiley: ?), that would give access to the above benefits (it would then be fair to give the ability to use gems to reset that tree). This might even be preferable, since it would give players a better sense that they’re able to customize their team.