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Idea for Trykosaurus

Some might call this a buff.

Resilient Impact should be switched for Decelerating Impact.

Decelerating Impact slows the opponent for 2 turns instead of 1 which allows Tryko to maintain speed priority longer without having to resort to the predictable pattern that it often uses.

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I think tryko is fine and doesn’t really need resil impact swapped out for decel impact. Even though it can be seen both as a buff or nerf, or even neutral, I think tryko is fine for the time being. But that’s just my opinion and I may be wrong, just because its already strong since it is a resilient impact that can go through cloak and dodge but it also only lasts one turn which is its downfall, so I think she’s fine


Yeah tryko is fine

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resilient impact also gets rid of cloak tho, making it a good counter for indom/erlidom (even though everything gets rid of cloak now)

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Secretly that would make cunnings an awesome counter for tryko.

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100% agree. While I like your idea, I agree with @Snake_Dude


Decel impact would make spyx even better against tryko,so i like it.though tryko doesnt really need to be changed

I think it probably should be tinkered with. Tryko is too much of a safe choice. It’s never wrong and you never lose solely because it was your weakest link

Without going to extreme examples there really is no situation where a tryko is completely useless. Supposedly a Cunning/Fierce is the best way to combat a Fierce/Resilient yet that doesn’t prove the case and this little change might make it happen.

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