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Idea for ultra hybrids

So as you all know so far every hybrid has one component that is non hybrid, we can assume the argument is that if we fuse two hybrids together for ultra hybrid, the gene is unstable. So what if we make an ultra hybrid with insane stats or moves, but simulate the instability of its gene by making it lose HP every turn? It could be anywhere between10% to 20% depending on how powerful it is, that would still bring necessary balance. What do you guys think

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Doesn’t matter how many HP they passively lose every turn if they are overpowered and can 1 hit the opponent’s dinosaurs (look at super boosted Thor’s and how despised they are). You could also add instability to their Attack Power meaning they may hit anywhere from 25% to 100% of their attack or even that their speed is not always at full power. But this introduces even more RNG which a majority of players would be against.

The thought of Ultra Hybrids is a fun idea, but I don’t know how many would be happy and frustrated with even more fusion requirements.

Perhaps there could be a cooldown after each time it’s used in battle, like in JWTG. That way you could say, save it for strike towers or really tough campaign levels. They could even add tougher campaign levels just for these “hyperhybrids”.

Or maybe ludia can implement them first as strike tower exclusives instead of making them available to the player base

Add an RNG element to the attack…
game will decide if you strike, impact, or rampage, all up to chance every time :thinking:

Actually, I find this idea of genetic instability amazing! Sure, it‘s not nice for the creature but I really like the idea.
Is it ok if I use this idea for a drawing? :smiley:

How would that be? Thought of a deadly and fierce hybrid of Indominus Rex Gen II and Geminititan. Didn‘t finish the drawing cuz I‘m in the car now.

I thought that beast might have heavy armor, good speed, huge damage, immunity and cloak.

Due to the genetic instability, it cannot reproduce, has a very limited lifespan and can only be created by fusing two existing hybrids. It‘s a 100% biological weapon and battle machine.

I loooove carnivorous sauropods. :joy::sweat_smile:


I think I better switch to the Artwork Thread. Now that I see the pic I don‘t like it anymore, not special enoug looking lol. :rofl:
But I really really like that idea of mixing superhybrids. :+1:t2:

I think if the ultrahybrids are unstable, is because we haven’t figured them out yet. Maybe we will by the next movie.
I propose Carnostronix! >:-D Tryro + Carnotaur! Ferocity with rending counter!
But also ‘cause it would look friggin’ awesome

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Man that’s friggin awesome

Spinotasuchus + Tryostronix


(BTW these creatures will have 5 moves, cus it’s 2 super hybrids)

Armour Piercing Strike
Lethal Wound
Ready To Crush
Defence Shattering Rampage

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I also thought of combining the two ostriches

It’s name is Monoceramimus

Nullifying Strike
Instant Distraction
Nullifying Impact
Distracting Rampage
Evasive Stance
(Swap In Dodge)