Idea for unlocks

I saw this kind of thing in a previous thread and I’d actually come on to the forums as I’d already thought of this. As with gen 2 fury, players level 65 and above unlock velociraptor and T. rex gen 2. Why not implement this in another way. Whenever a player level 65 or above wins a creature via event (either spin wheel or pack) it is unlocked. This can help if you’ve not unlocked it due to missing the event or it’s not in the rotation. This would only apply to creatures that aren’t VIP or tournament. It helps those for those long term hybrids. Thought of this while looking through the creatures I haven’t unlocked.


why not make it 30+ for velo g2 and 50+ for rex g2

I thought of something similar, at level 99 we unlock infinite battle stage. (For those of you that dont know infinite battle stage cycles through the card packs mystery, common, rare, super rare and legendary and becomes available daily or you can speed up the infinite battle stage for bucks)

So what they should implement is certain unlocks for the lower rarities that players are missing, it could cycle through these like a percentage but the unlocks only appear for players that have that certain creature locked.

This definitely would add more longevity to the game and motivate players to continue to max park level which I’m sure ludia would be in favour of.

Level 99 is too high though. Then you’re endgame. A few hybrids may not make a difference unless you wanna go for gotta catch em all. Level 65 is more rounded. Got super rare hybrids and maybe some legendary. Then you can unlock for those missing hybrids to help your lower lineup for a tournament. Level 65-50 seems a more viable solution to start this at. Let’s just hope Ludia sees this

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Guys I always come up with the idea of unlocking continuously popping up creatures like Scaphognatus. I am always telling this to myself but then now it looks to be an appropriate time for the reveal of this idea. I had two lvl 40s until now and a lot more than that which I prefered to get rid of because of wanting no more. Maybe the game could let you have the unlock when you gather up 8 copies through packs, trade harbour or even by buying copies of them in the market in return of bucks. By this way earning their single copies would be more exciting than to know that you have still got a lot to reach lvl 40 on that creature. Make sense, what do you think?

The idea for unlocks though is so that you can freely buy it so you can get its hybrid. Level 65 is high. But perfect for the need for hybrids. It means people can unlock pyroraptor by getting it once and can invest for carnoraptor for the other 7. In my opinion it’s the perfect system, it doesn’t let everyone unlock them and dismiss the purpose of events. It gives those higher tier players the dinos they need, by chance. It only applies to legendary non-hybrids. Meaning a work for dna. In my opinion there’s no problem W/ it. If you can find one, let me know

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But getting it for once and unlocking it would be super easy no matter what level you are standing at, don’t you think? I mean Pyroraptor as you say, maybe the most popular rare that is on everyones mouth. I had 14 of it, made an hybrid and earned 6 for more. 14 man, mostly from the packs or any other possible ingame source except buying them for bucks. So I earned it already. Having it unlocked from the very first copy does not seem fair to me. But if you get a lot of copies, ok let’s not make it 8 but call it 5, it would be make more sense to have the rest as an unlock and move more freely next. I would like to have that for Nasuceratops for instance, I have only got 2 copies but willing to have Pachyceratops on my squad. 3 more then unlock would be both fair and both satisfying.

I’ve said that level 65 would be needed for this mechanic to come into play. That way it doesn’t allow lower tier players to unlock it. It also means that it can be easily unlocked for those wanting the creature or it’s hybrid than waiting to win it in a chance wheel a few times. I’ve gotten aerotitan twice throughout my entire time playing. Minus ridiculous trades of like 3,000 dB. TWICE EVER. I’m a gotta catch em all player. I’d like to get the Dino and I’m sure other players feel the same about other ones. They’ve had it once or twice and want to unlock it. There is a level restriction and it’s not near impossible to unlock after getting level 65

Hey! This is my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

I have a solution that’s much simpler. Why not just allow the higher level players (60+) to participate in both the higher level unlock events as well as the lower ones? For example: this week it was a Super Rare Dolichorhynchops for 30-59 and a Legendary Hauffiosaurus for 60+. Why not let the 60+ players do both the Super Rare and Legendary events? Sure they might get more rewards but at there level it’s earned and needed. Especially since it’ll take more bucks if they wanna cool down their lineups to participate in both events anyway.

I played this game for years when it first came out and just came back after 2-3 years of inactivity so I have a lot of catching up. I don’t understand

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Welcome back. That is an amazing idea but we are referring to the creatures not in an unlock rotation. It’s not your fault you’ve just come back. (FYI it wouldn’t work the way need it to)

Oh wow I didn’t know there were dinos that were completely unlockable. Is there a list of those dinos?