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Idea for update

Add a surrender button to all battles campign/pvp/dna battles


Yep i agree with you

I think there was a thread mentioning why this is a bad idea. I honestly wouldn’t mind


No… nothing more, no

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Not pvp, people will almost lose, get salty, and quit. It would make arena suck

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At least my time won’t be wasted by droppers of this is added

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Why not? at least for campaign and DNA battles where it doesn’t involve other people it should advantageous for everyone? And perhaps you could give 1-3 pvp surrenders a day, coz when u run into 3 droppers in a row its like bye 10 minutes of my life

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Good for campaign but not for pvp

Another idea is a Compsocaulus gen 2 ingredients: diplocaulus and compy gen2 this would be a legendary

That would need a ton of both of the ingredients dna but it would probably be worth it

Can tragodistis get buffed please i wont stop asking until it gets its old moves back or even give it it group decelerating rampage and then give it back long invincibility I used up alot of coins getting it level 20 only to see it get nerfed please do read this and buff it in the next update

That is a great idea I hope they add it!!

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I have some dinosaurs you should add to this game giganotosaurus which is a theropod like t rex but way different its rarity should be epic. Dienosuchus which is an alligator that was as big as sarchosuchus its rarity should also be epic and the last dino to add to this game is mastodon which should have an epic or rare for its rarity .Now for the hybrids compsocaulus gen 2 using diplocaulus gen 2 and compsognathus gen 2 make it a legendary.dienolyth which is dienosuchus and purrolyth. The next hybrid you should have is gigacephalosaurus which is smilocephalosaurus and giganotosaurus. The final hybrid you should add to this game is carboceros which is carbonemys and megaloceros make this hybrid look like a deer and make it have devastation and give it the same animation as testacornibis devastation animation because I really like the animation of testacornibis with its biggest hit you guys did a super good job at that.The rarity should be legendary for this hybrid thats all.Hopefully you read this and add it to the game

Can trystonix get immunity to dot and get its ferocious strike back.It was another creature that was not op and never had complaints about it yet it gets nerfed for no reason It was fine the way it was.Every update something gets nerfed when there was nothing wrong with it. Indoraptor was RUINED when the resisted update came out
It lost distraction immunity and lost its defense shattering rampage and it is just sad to watch indoraptor die to armored tanks with shield because it used to be so good until now

Imagine if they fused a crocodile and a sauropod but it turns into a. Sauropod with a crocodile tail and snout Imagine if it were brachiosaurus and purusaurus fused together buritosaurus

You do realise if you quit any battle it doesn’t count for battles towards alliance missions so where’s the fairness in that towards helping your alliance out ?

Buritosaurs? The first bit sounds like burrito

You could make it so your opponent has to “accept” your surrender. Not sure if that would be better, lol.

Exactly LOL

Another great idea for next update is buffing diloracheirus by giving it greater stunning rampage