Idea! Let you breed with friends’ dragons

So I know a lot of people want trading and such but I don’t think it’s realistic for games like these. Too many game breaking / economy breaking issues. However, I have played in games that allow you to breed with other’s dragons/creatures/etc. I think that could be a thing. Possibly time limited - a once a day breeding to a friend’s dragon or have higher costs for it.

Just a thought!


I like this idea, however it could be restricted to the Clan. This would align with what the movies would have allowed. Although longer breed times would be ideal, maybe even another building for these breeding actions. This could allow clans to allow leaders to build the clan’s power by allowing lower players to breed with their dragon(s) to get cards they need to leveling power and skills.


Cute idea, but as Kiri said about Ludia never laying a finger on the worst CJ cheaters:
“It won’t happen. I give you my word for it”.

@Chalisto I absolutely love this idea. It would be great, breeding or trading with a friend’s dragon. It would be good if it would be realized between friends in clan. But I like it :heart_eyes::smiley::+1:


Please make this possible!!! That would be sooooo awesome! It would make the clans stronger as teams too!!

Chalisto is in my clan, but his 3 month old idea is terrible.

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