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Idea of Giga Hybrids and Tera Hybrids

So ever since JWA Toolbox now makes already existing Super Hybrids fusible into a thing called Mega Hybrids and then I thought what if we can fuse Mega Hybrids even further like up to Giga Hybrids and if not Tera Hybrids though expensive yeah but here’s how it works from Non-Hybrid to what I called Tera Hybrid (because of the metric system). Non-Hybrid + Non-Hybrid = Hybrid, Hybrid + Non-Hybrid = Super Hybrid, Super Hybrid + Hybrid = Mega Hybrid (What we have as of now with Arctovasilas), Mega Hybrid + Super Hybrid = Giga Hybrid and last but not least Giga Hybrid + Mega Hybrid = Tera Hybrid and I will go beyond that in my Jurassic World fangame where there’s Peta Hybrids (Tera Hybrid + Giga Hybrid), Exa Hybrids (Peta Hybrid + Tera Hybrid), Zetta Hybrids (Exa Hybrid + Peta Hybrid) and Yotta Hybrids (Zetta Hybrid + Exa Hybrid)

God save us all.


i don’t think that would work for this game, we’re already at max rarity for this game without increasing level caps. I’ve never even heard of half those words. I guess they’re based off some really high numbers in metric system, but a rarity should have a cool name. This is just insane with this idea tho, they’d have to decrease level costs by a lot. zetta would start at 56, max levels would be 60. one extra rarity is doable, but not for a couple years at minimum.

i was so confused by the words until I saw they’re from the metric system, lol


Peta-Yotta are for my fangame Giga and Tera would be in

This is too confusing and too much for the players, we’d have to grind like mad for these things. Mega Hybrids are the limit and they should stay as the limit


absolutely not bear king is already a huge issue because it 2 shots with STRIKE :moyai:

Um what when I put Bear King in Battle Simulator with a Diplodocus it got defeated to it how can it 2 shot with strike

I would like to know what kind of moves you did to make Diplodocus beat Arctovasilas


Well it’s random

Nerfed it
I nerfed it


I didn’t say I want a bear king nerf