Idea of the next update was carbonifera

idea of ​​the next update was carbonifera

Hello everyone, today I come to bring you an idea about an update of jwa which is of the giant insects of the Carbonifera era in the Carbonifera dra there were giant insects and reptiles and my idea is to put the insects of that time such as meganeura and arthropleura What do you think of my idea that you have a good night day or afternoon
I hope the developers take this idea into account bye :slight_smile:


at some point I do think they’ll add insects. Started off as a dinosaur game(still is) and we went from adding dinos to eventually adding turtles, mammals, snakes, etc. I of course wouldn’t mind having insects in game, I’d love to see the giant centipedes like u show in this post and other insects like giant scorpions and such.

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