Idea of two hybrids for future updates

idea of ​​two hybrids for future updates

hi :wink: I leave you two ideas of hybrids for future updates of jwa


do you think this is good? I have your description but it is in Spanish because I speak Spanish and I am lazy to write them in English xd


too cheated? sincerely suggestions would you use some how many resistances the devastating flapping pierces
Group armor is a move that I personally did. Do you think this is too much of an attack?
and which one did they like the most? :wink: they think that some of these creatures break the game? you have become a great dreamer max xd references

DFPGA is too much
Maybe make it High Pounce or FIerce Impact?


This is waaaay too much with resistances the abilitys the stats…


If I think there are many resistances, the statistics and their attacks, I honestly see them well

The problem is that there are too many resistances, too powerful moves, and too good of stats. Nerfs are going to be needed


I’m hoping for diplosuchus

Where did the Haast hybrid get so many resistances?

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where did the indominus-rex get so much resistance? the answer is the same as where the haast hibryd

Indom actualy needs them to be able to efectivly cloak, this haast hybrid literaly has 100% distraction resistance with a piercing group devestation thats jsut ridicilus, not to mention the ferocity, dmg by it’s own and so on.

edited. i misread the Original Post

I’d say a sight buff to the dmg considering it has 2 execlusive conponents


-200 hp
+50 dmg
+6 speed
+10 crit
fierce mpact replaced with dsr

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Indom was made out of multiple creatures and was designed to be a living weapon, it probably got it’s resistances from the variety of creatures I was made out of

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Yeah if it was actusly made out of just a raptor and a rex it wouldn’t have cloak.