Idea-Practice Arena in game. Read on

Don’t know if someone has suggested this but I would like to put this out there !

-Practice arena facing AI or friends
-a new Testing mode like friendly battles
-No rewards/or small rewards . It’s just setup for testing dinos at any level selected and any boosts applied. This would give players a insight into choosing teams before applying all the boosts and DNA somewheres and not being successful with it and being stuck with boosts or wasting all the coin into that dino. YES JWA field guide helps a lot when planning or even really sitting down and thinking and planning but in the end actually using the dinos makes a big difference just from experience.

  • it could be applied to be used only inside alliances or friends to battle each other for some super cool friendly battles. This wouldn’t exclude the normal pre set friendlys of level 26 with no boosts it would just give another option for testing purposes

OR have boosts optional to reset at a limit per season say 1-2 dinos full reset and then can apply elsewhere. I know this has been brought up numerous times but it would be a simpler idea.

Im sure some will think this is Crazy but I’m just shooting some ideas . Feel free to comment with your opinions . Or even add to the idea or add a better 1.

I know right now priority is fixing bugs and matchmaking 100% OR should be !
Though down the road perhaps .


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Yes! Something like this would be great! The issue w/ friendlies has always been that it’s not a true representation of the real arena because Thors and the like aren’t super-boosted like they are in the wild, so you can’t really get a great feel for how a new dino would work out without actually committing a ton of resources that you can’t get back.

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