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Idea - Scheduled Updates with Dinosaur Votes

Ok so something I have been seeing a lot on the forums is a lot of complaints that new actual dinosaurs rarely get added to the game, and instead mammals and snakes and stuff, well why not have a kind of set plan with public input?

Such as, each update adds X amount of ACTUAL dinosaurs, a set amount of non dinosaur creatures and then have a poll in game with a list of dinosaurs and creatures to be added, and the most popular vote for each category gets added in the next update.

Say for instance its like this -

Patch 1.13 -
2 New Dinosaurs (real dinosaurs)
2 New creatures (Mammals, Aquatics so forth)
X amount of hybrids made from said dinosaurs and creatures.

And have a poll in game with a list of dinosaurs to vote for, you would then vote for the 2 dinosaurs you would like to see, vote for the 2 creatures you would like to see and then the hybrids will come from those results.

Obviously the polls would include things that are close to being implemented anyway since I know it takes time to design things and have the art team do the design and such, but I think it would be a good way to get players more involved (would feel great to feel you had a say in the design of the game) and would also let players “know” that at the very least x amount of dinosaurs and x amount of creatures will be added.

For instance a vote could be like -

Category 1 (Dinosaurs)
(Just throwing names randomly out there)

Category 2 (Aquatics)

And yeah so you get the idea, and the ones that get the most votes from each category get implemented for the following patch. The poll would best be in game though so everyone see’s it, many players don’t use the forums.


I don’t have any problems with other creatures being added. I think they’re really cool. Like I love Carbonemys. The snakes are very cool aside from being exclusive :frowning: And I’d like to see a Dire Wolf.

However, no new dinos added with them…well you know we want our dinos.

I think this could be a good idea. Let players vote on which new ones too add. Then the devs wouldn’t have to go around picking and choosing which one. Or any time waste. Just let the players vote on them. And it will go good.


I see this as being a great idea. Those who want actual dinosaurs in the game will be happy, and we’ll get some other new stuff as a bonus.

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Im all for diversity… and sign me up for dire wolves as well. But i just dont see the logic of a dinosaur game that has some really iconic dinos mia… im sure Ludia could make a giganotosaurus hybrid that id want to make… like how did that not make the cut before some of the fluffy ones.

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It’s very true though. They have been lacking, and it’s not like there is a dino shortage lol. Of course I want to see new dinos. Many of them too.

But I can’t say I dislike other creatures. The snake makes me think of the classic anaconda movie haha and it’s just nostalgic aswell. And carbonemys gives me the most excitement to find still atm.

And about wolves, yes they need to add them. We have kitties, time to add a doge. A big bad doge lol. All black Dire.



Yes please! I would love a dire wolf!

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We need “canids” in the game
Dire wolf sounds like a good start, but I feel like adding Andrewsarchus or Amphycon too alongside the wolf would make it better (even though Andrewsarchus isn’t a canid)


Great idea, I would have never thought of this. Sure hope the mods see this!

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Exactly all black Dire Wolf epic non exclusive.

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