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Idea to buff thagomizer

Currently, thagomizer is just a worse decelerating impact and slowing impact -

Decelerating Impact - 1.5X damage, 50% slow 2 turns. cooldown 1 turn
Slowing Impact - Same, except cooldown is 2 turns (even though in-game tooltip says it slows 3 turns, it actually slows 2 turns only)
Thagomizer - Same, except cooldown is 3 turns.

I’m not sure the reasons behind these differences, would giving all creatures just decelerating impact make them overpower ?

But I have an idea to buff Thagomizer :
1.5 X damage, 50% slow 2 turns, vulnerability for the next 2 turns (not for this turn), 3 turns cooldown.
Basically it becomes a very strong set-up move that allows you to weaken the opponent before your creature is taken down. Much like superior vulnerability but it doesn’t cleanse distraction; effects lasts 1 more turn and has a 3 turns cooldown.

Any other ideas ?


Great idea!


I personally think it should bleed. I mean, it’s a flipping spike that’s piercing the body - blood will be spilled.

Maybe the same effects as Lethal Wound, but if that’s too over powered, then Gashing Wound.


I agree with this, except I would say probably less wound. Just 0.15x for 3 turns

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Dsungaia would do astronomical amounts of damage against a vulnerable opponent. I like it.

Omggggg Dsungia would be a monster. I’m trying to level it up to team level in hopes of it somehow getting a buff of some point. Whether it’s a damage buff, a move change, or something.

Great idea, indeed!