Idea to nerf velociraptor and not ruin it


I know that this has been discussed before and I think a good way to have the velociraptors to not be OP af is to have them not be able to use the pounce as soon as they come into the fight and they have to wait 1 or 2 turns at the beginning and 2 or 3 turns between uses to use the pounce. What do other people think of that?


You not knowing how to deal with them doesn’t make them broken. Learn your counters, there’s DOZENS of them.


They have a lot of counters and are a glass cannon
. I know sometimes a very high level one can be tricky, but there is counters which makes them not OP.


The raptors are strong but i have np 1 shoting them, they necer last more than one kill so i think there fine


Yes let’s nerf all glass cannons and just leave weak heavily armoured dinos to fight in the arena :joy: Make all fights last 5 mins+ slugging it out with Ankylos


I think the Raptor needs the nerf. Maybe Pounce should just have to take an extra turn to use.


Raptors are not OP and don’t need nerfs like others have said its your inability to counter them as they can easily be taken out buy lvling up dino’s and using tanks against them they have low health and their health can be half with a good tank and taken out as Armored dino’s can withstand their attacks and some can nerf their speed like Stago with thagomizer


They are a bit OP, however if pounce didn’t have the added effect of decreasing it opponents attack that would go some way to balance it out without nerfing it too much. Because as it stands after it gets it’s first shot in you struggle to counter it with anything. Or lessen the damage reduction from pounce at least.


I don’t think raptors need a nerf, considering how easy they are to get and easy to counter or prepare for. What should happen is for rampage to get a buff so its not just pounce with same cooldown and no effect.


Learn how to counter velociraptors it’s not hard sometimes it’s annoying if your delt a set of Dino’s that can’t deal with him but that’s the point of the game to learn and evolve yourself as a gamer and better your team and learn how to take him down I think velociraptors are fine how they are there’s a dino that can over power his fast speed and take him down figure out which one I’m not telling


Nope, Raptor’s fine. That’s the point of it, to deal a lot of damage immediately, if you had to wait mora than a turn to use the pounce, it could get one-hit killed without committing its purpose.


It wouldnt really make sense to have a 2-3 turn cooldown on pounce because it would most likely get taken out before it even has a chance to use it.

Even having a 1 turn delay on pounce wouldnt work the way everyone thinks it would. The raptor will always attack first with strike because of speed and pounce is on delay, next turn they pounce and take out your dino anyway.


Raptor doesn’t need to be nerfed, it’s easily countered if you have right dinos and understand strategy.


Raptors are strong but not OP. I use my Velociraptor as a “first striker” delivering a heavy blow at the enemy but severely wounding or taking out his first one or two Dinos.
But there are enough counters against them. I can easily onehit Raptors with my Allosaurus for example.


Despite being a glass cannon, it’s still too much power. With the speed bonus, ability to use pounce first turn then switch out before they are hit or one shotting a Dino four levels about a raptor and ten time it’s size seems dumb. The pounce should be a second turn thing, at least then you get a chance to kill it before you are destroyed.


Learn the meta. I have 5 dinos in my deck that can take out or damage a raptor first turn


In arena 7 where you only play CPU opponents that cheat you to death, you’ll want un-nerfed raptors


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How would you know though?


Yes wait 2 turns that pounce when u have 1000 hp and 0 armor :smiley: Do you think that post before you released it? Why I never have any problems with raptors tho, learn the game and u dont wanna nerf it anymore.