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Idea to repair bugs before releasing huge updates

The majority of the issue when the games are under maintenance are the bugs that inevitably come with the updates. Nothing is more annoying than being psyched for an awesome update and finally getting in-game to find bug upon bug upon bug, hindering gameplay and player satisfaction.

So here’s my suggestion: If Ludia released a beta version of an update to a RANDOM SELECTION of players, including VIP, nonVIP, entire alliances, single players, and even new players to test it out BEFORE its release to general player base, they could fix the bugs before they even really happen, reducing backlash from the forum that are impatiently waiting for a quick bug fix.

I believe that doing this would help Ludia’s reputation, because every release so far has had a bug or ten. It would also iron out all the details before the update is released, including suggestions for improvement from the tester base.

If Ludia did this, it should be a different selection of individuals for every update. The “lucky” players would find the bugs, report them in-app or on the forum in a private thread, and Ludia could repair them before even announcing that a new update is coming.

I’m not sure if Ludia actually has a testing team, but this team is obviously not large enough to experience the bugs. A large player testing team of maybe 1,000 individuals or more would definitely experience these bugs, and would very quickly let the forum know of the bugs.

As for players who would want to be part of this team, they could take a survey that asks about their activity, knowledge of the game, player level, device, geographic location and other information that could be taken into affect. Ludia could make their testing team decision based on these things, and give a period of time to test out the update before the update, say about two weeks.


So basically you just said that it would be nice if Ludia could operate like every other software company in existence. :wink:


i didnt read your post, because i agree with the title.

that would be a good idea.